About Me

I am currently an adjunct professor at Montgomery College. I have taught in the mathematics department since 2011, and in the physics and geosciences department since 2014. My interests include discrete dynamical systems, economic decision analysis, and modeling multiscale phenomena.

My educational background includes a BS in Mathematics from Bates College. I did two REU projects as an undergraduate - one at Oklahoma State University and the other at Temple University. The former involved fabricating and stress-testing optoelectronics components and the latter focused on a group-theoretic problem in the mathematics of composite materials.

I completed my MS and PhD at the University of Maryland in College Park. My MS work compared spatial discretizations of fluid dynamics equations. I switched to condensed matter physics for my PhD, writing a dissertation on the macroscale evolution of crystal surfaces.

After graduation from UMCP in 2009, I worked in various nonprofit and educational institutions throughout the Metro DC area, including one year circulating books at the Hyattsville public library, one year with the Latin American Youth Center tutoring high schoolers in the Upward Bound Program, and two years as an assistant professor at Washington Adventist University. My longest working relationship, however, has been with Montgomery College, where each semester brings fresh challenges in helping students make connections between their coursework and their future careers.