Building a Partition Wall in My Basement

June–July 2014

[a view nearly all the way to the
edge of the house's foundation]
Impetus for the project
Along the southeast edge of the foundation, which cuts into the hill that extends up to the elementary school, water seepage in the thaw of 2014 destroyed the carpet in two rooms, forcing a retreat from that section of the basement. My downstairs tenant cheerfully accepted the move to one of the spare rooms on the upper level. With no furniture in the way any longer, I ripped out the carpet and hired a demolition crew to unbuild the cabinetry along the southeast walls, saving for later use any knotty pine paneling that could be removed non-destructively. After the demolition crew cleared away the cabinetry, a team of waterproofing specialists came in to install a French drain around the affected edge of the foundation. My subsequent work constructing the partition wall would use only half of the original knotty pine paneling, leaving plenty of scraps to make raised beds for gardening or bonfires for wintertime warmth.
The finished side:
[northern half of the partition
wall] [southern half of the partition wall]
The unfinished side:
[unfinished southern half of the wall] [unfinished northern half of the wall]
Transferrable skills learned from this project
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Framing and roughing-in with 2x4's
  • Mitre cuts of corner moulding
  • Safe handling of hazardous materials
  • Scheduling bulk trash pickups with the county