Limericks inspired by events in our first year grad student office

Fall 2003

Day Chow had a beautiful lover
whose figure began to show blubber.
He sent her to the gym
To become fit and trim
Now he doesn't know what's become of her.

Day Chow was a faithful hubby
Till his wife began to look tubby.
He told her one day:
"No more rolls in the hay;
Your thighs are a little too chubby."
(Avanti Athreya's variation on the original)

I-Kun brought stomach for lunch
He pissed off the whole office bunch
The stench was so foul
It made Day Chow want to howl,
"If you bring that again you'll get punched."

I-Kun responded in kind,
"Day Chow, you're out of your mind.
The smell's from the fish,
Not this stomach dish.
Were your eyes like your nose, you'd be blind."