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Er versuchte zu verschweigen, was nicht verschwiegen werden konnte. Denn was ihm offenbart worden war, ist kein Geheimnis. Weil es denkbar ist. Alles Denkbare wird einmal gedacht. Jetzt oder in der Zukunft.

He tried to keep hidden that which cannot be kept hidden. What was revealed to him is no secret, for it is thinkable. Everything thinkable will one day be thought. Now or in the future.

— Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Die Physiker

With these words Dürrenmatt offers some hopeful advice, which should provide consolation to anyone who has experienced the frustration of having lost or deleted a file that would later prove useful for another project. Unfortunately, not all of us have time to reinvent the wheel, so in practice we supplement the optimistic attitude expressed in the quotation by Dürrenmatt with a backup scheme to archive those files that would otherwise need to be created anew for each subsequent use. This page serves as such a backup scheme for recycling my previous notes and compositions.

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