Discrete Mathematics

Welcome to Students

What does this math course have to offer?
In this course you'll learn about the objects that appear natively in various computer languages, including sets, recursive sequences, relations, trees, and grammars. Applications and proofs with these objects will develop your intuition about how they behave and when they might be productively deployed.
What are some skills that I can take from this class?
  1. Constructing and writing mathematical proofs
  2. Understanding induction and recursion
  3. Implementing algorithms by hand and mentally
What do I need to succeed in this class?
Just as you would for any class you take in college, be sure to read the assigned text before each lecture. Make sure you read actively, with pen or pencil in hand and a dedicated math notebook ready for jotting down the key ideas. Adopt a skeptical attitude toward the expositions provided, coming up with questions that force the words on the page to reveal meanings and connections buried under the surface. Play with math as if you were a toddler trying a new toy, looking for all the ways it can be broken or repurposed. After you think you understand a new concept from all possible angles, attempt to solve the end-of-section exercises without referring to the example problems in the text.