Basic Math Review and Pre-Algebra

Welcome to Students

What does this math course have to offer?
This course allows you to develop time management skills while filling in the gaps in your mathematical foundation. You will leave this course with a knowledge of how to learn from various media and how to organize your work for future success in subjects that rely on mathematics.
What are some skills that I can take from this class?
  1. Improved note-taking and communication
  2. Problem-solving strategies
  3. A heightened activation barrier to calculator use in basic arithmetic
What do I need to succeed in this class?
Strive for perfect attendance. Make use of the entire class period (including the open classroom), and go to your instructor's office hours if you need extra help. Make sure you read (or watch the videos) actively, with pen or pencil in hand and a dedicated math notebook ready for jotting down the key ideas. If a particular skill repeatedly shows up in your test corrections, try working through the additional practice exercises on that topic in the MML study plan before your next test attempt.

Notes for Teachers

Best practices to promote student engagement?
Being organized for the first class is essential. Every student needs to be in the system working at the right place and have a plan for the week before they leave class. Fill out the first line of the goal-setting worksheet for each student so that they can start taking ownership of their learning.
Best practices to promote student learning?
Recognize that students may be reluctant to ask questions if they think you don't care (you are busy on your computer or are spending more than five minutes at a time with another student). Make sure you distribute your time fairly to everyone who needs your help.
Best practices for communication?
Respond to emails promptly. 'Nuff said.